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How to fill out the form.

. Fill out the form
*Make complete text of item.
*Number of units Colli / Pallets.
*Remember to write where the goods is located.
*If food, remember to write best before date.
*Always good quality photo´s.
*Always remember to indicate whether you want a bid for the item or a fixed price.
*Remember to tick the box with: have understood business conditions
*After submitting information, we place the item on the page
*The product appears on our maillist.
*You will be automatically notified if there is interest in your stock lot.
*You will automatically receive an email as soon as new items arrive on the site, if you do want this, just apply for newsletter or send us an e-mail.


Guide to offer on a lot. 

*Each lot has a unique Number.
*Mail the number to:, whit your bid, amount to buy etc. etc.
*If you have further questions for the lot, please write it in the e-mail.
*Junk bids will not be considered against the seller
*As soon as we have a response from the seller, you will be informed.
*The lot will be sold on our site as soon as trade is in place.
*You should be aware that the lot might bee sold as it sometimes goes fast.


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